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Gaziantep; The Shining City of Anatolia

Türkçesi İçin BURAYA tıklayın

Wich its historic fabric and natural beauties, Gaziantep is one of the most special cities in Turkey. Among the most important symbols of the city are "baklava", pistachio, coppersmith and the ancient city of Zeugma...

Time To Itinerate 

The city, with numerous inns, baths, mosques and monuments, makes one enjoy a time travel to the past through its historic fabric.
"Kemikli" and "Zincirli" bazaars are the right locations for those who want to make an authentic shopping. Gaziantep Castle is located in the center of town and Büdeyr, Beyaz Han (The White Inn) and Shira with the Naib Bath are some of the places that can be seen around the castle.

Travel to Past

Gaziantep whose history dates back to the Copper Age has numerous museums which indicate this historical process. The Zeugma Mosaic Museum, where the mosaics excavated from the Zeugma Ancient City are on exhibition, is just one of these museums.

History Covered With Water

Yesemek Open-Air Museum which was established as a sculpture workshop about 1300 B.C. during the era of the Hittite King Shuppilu I and Rumkale, whose historic fabric is covered by the Birecik Dam is also to be seen.

Land Of Crafts 
Gaziantep, a city famous for its handcrafts... The distinguishing aspect of coppersmith in Gaziantep is manufacturing the product as a single piece. The worlwide famous Gaziantep coppersmith is performed in the two groups as utensils and ornaments.
Besides, the scarves used in the movie Harry Potter, 300 Spartans and Troy were manufactured by skilled craftsmen from Gaziantep.

The most famous food of Gaziantep cuisine is baklava which is uniquely prepared with thin dough and adorned with pistachio...

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