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Havana A City With Many Colors

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Havana A City With Many Colors

    Havana or originally La Habana is the capital city of Cuba. Havana, where you can frequently see colorful streets and vintage cars, offers a different experience very far from the known world.

A Lively Square 

    The Largest square in Cuba, Plaza de Armas was built as the administrative center of Cuba in the 17th century. This beautiful square and book market was the center of authority in the country for 400 years. It ranks the first among the liveliest and the most beautiful squares in Havana with cafes, street artists, musicians, and booksellers.

Havana is divided into 3 main regions. Havana; Vieja, i.e. Old Havana; Centro Habana, i.e. The Central Havana and Vedado, i.e. more modern and new region.

Domed Symbol  

Visible from various areas of the city with its domed structure, Capitolio looks like the Capitol in Washington DC. It is possible to see inside Capitolio, which is the old government building. You can frequently see vintage cars that are the first thing that come to mind when you hear Havana, on the street Capitolio is located.

 Miami of Cuba

You will find the most beautiul shores and sea of Cuba in Havana. You will enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio until repletion in the colossal holiday village for tourists and in Varadero. This place offers an experience that in different from the Cuba and Havana profile in mind. But those, who remember blue waters when they hear the word "holiday" are familiar with this experience. It promises a perfect summer holiday with the light blue sea and the golden shores.

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