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Belgrade Travel Tips / Serbia Travel

Belgrad Gezilecek Yerler Yazımızın Türkçesi İçin Tıklayın

Belgrade Travel Tips / Serbia Travel

Belgrade Travel Tips

European fashion with Balkan air

    Lying on the confluence of the two major rivers, Danube and Sava Rivers, Belgrade combines all of its natural beauty with its hictorical texture and is the very first of the splendid cities that blend the European style with Balkan air...
    Belgrade, Serbia's capital and as such one of the most beautiful cities, offers you a red-letter route with its rich travel destinations. The city, (Serbian; Beofgad) meaning "White City" manages to attract your attention with its delightful parks filled with various greeneries, historical monuments colorful life at first blush. Specially for Belgrade Travel Tips; The country visa-free for Turkey stands in the forefront of the places that must be considered especially for short holidays.

Heart of The Belgrade City

    The Mihailova Street named after the Serbian Prince Mihaliova the 3rd which extends from Republic Square to Kalemegdan is at the very center of the city. It is pssible to have a walk through all the beauties of Belgrade on this street which is open only to pedestrians. The history of the street which is home to many historical and impressive buildings dates back to the Roman period.

An Ottoman Commemorative

    Located at the top of the juncture point which merges the Sava and Danube rivers into one, the Kalemegdan has a structure that combines history and nature with the park and the castle within this park. Kalemegdan which was named after the combination of the words "Kale" and "Meydan" during the Ottoman period is also hosting the works left front the Ottoman Empire.

A Must - See to Belgrade

    This area, which is only ten minutes drive away from the center of Belgrade, has a structure reminiscent of the Çeşme beaches. Located on the part of Belgrade overlooking the Sava River, these island beaches are often flooded by vision during the summer months thanks to the sports facilities. Ada Ciganlija was later artificially connected to the shore, thus taking the shape of a half island.

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