25 Ekim 2016 Salı

Energy Has Never Been This Environmentally-Friendly

Energy Has Never Been This Environmentally-Friendly

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    I must confees, I am addicted to technology. As soon as I wake up, I am connected to my mobile and laptop and take my camera with me wherever I  go. Thanks to my social media accountsi the battery in my mobile dies very quickly. So I always have to keep an eye out for electrical outlets. Mobile power banks only satisfy the need for a short; then I still need to find an outlet. Thans to the technology that I am addicted to, there is now a solution called "ibexstore".

    Ibexstore sells solar products under the Voltaic brand. Voltaic is a travel clothing series fitted with solar panels, which includes bags. The backpacks come in different sizes and colors, while smaller hand and shoulder bags which also collect solar power can be used for various needsç Howeveri these products do not only work in summer. Even if it is not sunny outside, natural light during the day is sufficient to collect energy, enabling you to have enough power regardless of where you are, whether you are enjoying green fields or beaches. Avaiable at Ibexstore, these bags can charge many tools such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, GoPro, etcç Panels can be removed easily, so you can use them in your other bags.
    By the way, the products are also completely environmentally-friendly. They do not only charge themselves through nature, but they also do not damage the environment. As an added bonus, they are manufactured from recyclable materials. Please visit www.ibexstore.com for further information. A good product for environmentally-friendly travelers to consider. Source; The Gate 09

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