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Hasan Kale Seeing "Istanbul" On a Butterfly Wing

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 Hasan Kale Seeing "Istanbul" On a Butterfly Wing

    Hasan Kale who first met brush and colors when he was 5 years-old, interprest his art through modern vision, draws miniature pictures and silhouettes of Istanbul on small objects which we see on a daily basic including onion skin, fig seed or chocolate bar that can easily melt. I can hear you asking why a painter draws pictures on fig a seed. I interviewed him to get the answers to that questions.

Your Name Is Often Mentioned with Micro Art But We Want to Hear The Story From Your Side of View. Who Is Hasan Kale?

    I was born in 1959 in Bursa. I met colors and brush when I was 5 years-old. I have been painting pictures since then. On one hand, I am no different than any individual who lives with his dreams and objectives, on the other hand I am an extraordinary person because of the art that I' m performing. I started to perform my art by drawing miniatures in Istanbul. I worked in many different art projects along with designing. I started to design jewelry but I didn' t quit painting.

Who Introduced You With Colors And Paint?

    I used to play with paper and crayons like every other kid. I remember a thin, elegant and naive man named Kemal who wore a tie and hat and carried an umbrella, showing me some figures and I remember myself working on those figures for a week.

Did You Practice Art During Your School Life?

    I didn' t draw stickman like other kids in school. I drew faces, I drew what I imagined. I didn' t care about failing lessons or getting low degrees as art was the most important thing in my life. If I got one point below the highest degree, I got angry. Painting was my passion. I didn' t take any art classes other than the lessons in primary, secondary and high school. I couldn' t study in the Academy of Arts due to the terrorism in the 80' s but I didn' t care. I kept trying because performing art makes me happy.

When Did You Get Interested in Micro Art?

    When I got interested in miniature, I wanted to take lesson but I couldn' t. I applied to courses and companies but none of them called me back. So I chose my teachers from the past. I learned the flexibility of brush from Mehmet Siyahkalem, I learned colors and harmony from Levni, I learned details of sultan portraits from Muralist Osman. As a result I created my own style by synthesizing my knowledge. That' s the way it should be.

You Also Design Jewelry.   

    I designed jewelry collections for different brands. I got inspired from cultural accumulations of different Anatolian civilizations. In other words, the collections were a synthesis, an interpretation of your past.

Did You Send a Work of Art to The King of Sweden?

    Yes I did. The company that I worked had international connections. While I was dealing with projects concerning the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, I was requested to make a miniature for the King. I made the miniature and it was delivered to the King inside an elegant package.

Do You Have a Special Reason for Drawing Istanbul Pictures?

    Istanbul is hidden in details. If you see the details you see the rail identity of Istanbul. Istanbul has mystery, it has secrets, has chaos, traffic and rush. It' s a city that lives 24/7. when people come to Turkey, they visit Istanbul because it speaks a global language. I am very pleased with my job. When I am happy, I reflect my mood on my work.

How Much Time Does It Take to Finish One Piece of Art?

    It takes a long time, It' s not the kind of thing which you can do while drinking coffee. One piece of art takes at least 3 sleepless day. Some of my work took approximately 1- 1,5 months. I  have worked on more than 300 different objects.

Is It Possible to See Micro Miniatures In Your Paintings? 

I use different technologies in my painting.

Did You Have Exhibitions Abroad?

    I had exhibitions in several countries including Japan, Israel and the US. We will have an exhibition in South Korea, soon.

Do You Dream About Opening a Museum?

    Yes, I do. I will work for this as long as I live. I even designed the products that will be sold in the museum requires hard work. I think artists don' t get enough support. I am making great effort to promote Turkey as well as Turkish artists and designer.

Kale who draws silhouettes of Istanbul, portraits of Ottoman sultans on pieces of lentil, rice and bean along with fly and bee wings, manages to draw Galata Tower on one wing, the Maiden Tower on the other wing. Kale performs his art without using magnifier and uses paintbrushes made of cat hair and ox ear.

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