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Peru, Lima; City of Kings

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Peru, Lima; City of Kings

    Despite being located on the Pacific Ocean coast, Lima is like a desert. With its raid soil and black sea, limited number of parks and gardens, the city looks unpleasant. Not much effort has been put to make the city more appealing.
    You can see beautiful apartments on the coastal side of the city where rich people live. Larcomar shopping mall is an important meeting point in the city. As Lima is a port city, it has dynamic commercial life which leads to security problems. Theft is a serious problem in the city and houses have severe security. Transportation is provided by buses, minibusses and taxi. There is serious traffic problem in the city.

    Peru is famous with its rich gastronomy. Most famous chefs and restaurants of the country are in Lima. The city also has a dynamic night life especially on the weekends. There are many bars and night clubs.
    Lima is the political, industrial and scientific center of Peru. The city known as the "city of kings" took its name when place of the city is determined in the " Kings Festival" which is celebrated in January 6.

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