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Living in Uruguay Montevideo

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Living in Uruguay Montevideo

    Montevideo, capital city of Uruguay, the smallest country of South America , is a small, compact and plesaant city.
    The city is planned well and it is mot populated, substucture is in good condition. It' s ideal for a guite life. If you want you can swim in one of the beautiful beaches. You can see people running and cycling along the coast. The city is safe, you can walk around freely.

    Uruguay has liberal economy open tı international investment. Powerful finance sector of the country makes it the "Switzerland" of Latin America. Montevideo is a rich and developing city.
     The country located between Argentina and Brazil has been affected by the two cultures due to their common historical backgroumd nut it looks more like Argantina. The country import most product from Argentina.
    The most common drink you can come across Uruguay is Mate tea. Depite is bitter taste, you can try mate.

I See a Mountain

    There are two different arguments about the meaning of "Montevideo". One of them is "Monte vide eu" (I see a mountain) in Portuguese, the other one is "Monte Vide Este a Oeste" (yhe sixth mountain from east to the west) in Spanish. Full name of the city is San Felipe Santiago Montevideo.

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