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Sirkeci Veteran of Istanbul

Sirkeci Veteran of Istanbul

    The quarter located at the mouth of the Golden Horn is surrounded by Bahçekapı quarter to the west, Sarayburnu (Topkapı Palace) to the east and Cağaloğlu quarter to the south. The most important point of the quarter is Sirkeci Terminal and its main street is Ankara Street. Ragıp Gümüşpala Street and Kennedy Street that lie along the coast are connected in Sirkeci.

The Convergence Point of Transportation

    Sirkeci is one of the key points of Istanbul transportation. Sirkeci Terminal still serves as the main stop of the railways between Europe and İstanbul. Also Eminönü-Harem ferryboat and Eminönü-Adalar ferry terminal are located at the coast of Sirkeci.

A Sweet Serenity: Gülhane Park

    Gülhane Park, located between Sarayburnu, Procession Kiosk and Topkapı Palace, is also one of the first parks in İstanbul. The park, which was used as the outdoor garden of the palace during the Ottoman Period, is named after the big rose gardens of that time

A Place From Movies: Historical Post Office

    Grand Post Office, as its name suggests, is tha biggest post office building in Turkey. Construction of the building was started in 1905 to serve as the Post and Telegraph Supervision building and was completed in 4 years.

A Destination For Foodies

    Sirkeci offers different flavors to visitors when they walk away from the smell of fish sold at the coast into the streets. There are places that have crated their own taste by only selling soup and dessert in the streets of Sirkeci. While the fame of Historical Hacı Bekir Turkish Delights and marzipans reaches beyond the country, frequenters of Hafız Mustafa abd Tatlıcı Safa can't be underestimated. Soup restaurants in Sirkeci offer delicacies that can make them gourmets' favorite destination.

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