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Argentina' s Favorite "Buenos Aries"

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Argentina' s Favorite "Buenos Aries"

    As you see Buenos Aries you feel that you are in Italy. With its beautiful architecture, wide boulevards and streets, Buenos Aries is a charming city. Unfortunately the city stands on its feet thanks to its rich and powerful days in the past. The country' s closed economy caused laziness in catching up with world development and due to corrupt politicians the city is far beyond its rightful place.
    It is difficult for foreigners to invest in the country. It is also difficult for tourists as bank exchange rates are very low. You can exchange yout money for 40%-50% above bank rates in the black market. In order to track currency movements, goverment only allows credit card payments for airplane, ferryboat tickets and package tours.
    There are nice parks and squares in city. Substructure of the city in good condition thanks to planning and investments made in te past. You can use the metro line in the city or you can enjoy wandering around.

    Security problem in the city increases due to bad economy. Locals warn tourists against taxis.
Buenos Aries is rich in gastronomy. You can eat steak and veal as well as try delicious Argentinean wines. 

Classical Music For Cattle

Buenos Aries cuisine is mostly based on meat. The most famous food of the city is Asado which is made of beef. It' s a well known fact that, cattle are raised in a quite environment with massage and classical music in order to make meat tastier.

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