25 Nisan 2016 Pazartesi

Colombia, Bogota Travel Guide

    Bogota, capital city of Colombia is the shining star of Latin America. Despite guerilla wars which have continued for decades Bogota a thriving city with hard working locals.
    You can see the developing substructure as you go around the city including the airport, bicycle lanes, electrical buses along with modern buildings. The city which reclines to Monserrate Mountain expands towards the north. Although thw forests play an important role in providing oxygen, the pressure of constructors bring forth the discussion of building in the area.
    Transportation system of the city is being transormed. 5-10 years ago the city was in serious traffic chaos due to minibuses named Buseta. Now Municipal buses replaced them. You can see electrical buses on the roads.

    Another significant achievement of the city is sending their former mayor who was involved in corruption to prison after long judicial procces. As corruption is commonly seen in politics in Latin America, Bogota locals are proud of themselves.
    Bogota has dynamic and competitive business life. On the other hand, although security is better than the past, it' s still inadequate due to economical instability. You can see houses surrounded with high walls and guards.
    Bogota has dynamic night life. Streets are filled with salsa, merenque and cumbia melodies on the weekends especially in Zona Rosa region.

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