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San Francisco; Free City Of Ocean

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The history of San Francisco City, which has a cosmopolitan structure, dates back to ancient times. The earliest archaeological evidence of human habitation of the city dates to 3000 BC. The native population, Spanish, Mexicans and Americans.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is the symbol of the city and it is also accepted as the symbol of USA just like the Statue of Liberty.

Traffic As a Postcard

The transportation in San Francisco is at a higher level compared to other cities in USA. The major means of transportation in the city, which offers various alternatives for transportations, are the rail system called BART, metro, bus, ferry and cable cars.
    Hillside is the famous street of San Francisco appearing in movies, Lombart Street is among the places worth visiting in the city. The most appealing slope of the city with soothing landscape, the "s" shaped street can be accessed  by tramway.

The Oldest Chinese Of North America

While touring the city of San Francisco, you may find yourself in an entirely different geography all of a sudden. This is because the oldest and biggest Chinatown in Northern America is located in San Francisco.

Like a Rainbow

San Francisco has a cosmopolitan structure and it is possible to see the reflection of this rich cultural diversity in San Francisco cuisine. You can meet the best examples of Chinese cuisine in Chinatown area of the city. Many places to find thr best dishes of Mexican cuisine are also located in San Francisco, It is possible to run across a corner taco or burrito stand.

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