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"Chile" A European Country ın Latin America

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"Chile" A European Country ın Latin America

Santiago City - Chile

Capital city Santiago, located at the center of Chile lying along the Pasific Ocean. The city shaped like a bowl, surrounded by the Andes is dealing with severe air pollution, number of vehicles and the devoloping industry,
Despite precautions, the fog layer descends on the city during the year. Rich people in the city move out to the rural residental areas.

Santiago is also the finance capital of Chile which is considered as the European country in Latin America with is liberal economy, foreign capital investments and labor. Finance center of the city where companies are located is full of modern buildings.
Santiago is a well-planned city with high life quality which is above the standards of Latin America. Santiago has well organized transportation system, metro and bicycle lanes. You can see well-kept gardens and parks around the city. The city can be considered safe.

Notes; On the shore of Santiago, Mapocho river, set on the skirts of the Andes Mountains on a plain. The city is polluted as there is heavy traffic and industry. Therefore it is almost imposisble to see the mountains bordering the east part of the city during the winter.

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