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Rome; Two Countries, One City

Rome; Two Countries, One City

    Carrying the name and traces of an Empire, Rome is both the capital city of Italy and the landlord of Vatican, the smallest country in the world. Built on seven hills just like İstanbul, Rome has a history of 2 thousand 800 years and one can feel the existence of ancient cultures on one another in layers.
    Colleseum, whose restoration has been complated, enlightens the tourist regarding the illuminating apperance and it used to be an arena where slaves were made to fight so as to entertain the noble families.

Spanish Steps As a Witness of Fashion

    Spanish Steps, named after Palazzo that is used as the Spanish Embassy, are located at the square where the heart of Italian fashion beats in Rome. If you would like to experience food as well as fashion, you need to explain your pizza and spaghetti order in detail. You should also taste the legendary "Roman ice cream" yourself...

Holy Country In The City

Vatican is the smallest country in the world and it is run by the Pope. While entering Vatican, whose total population is 800, your dress should cover your body enough to comply with the conditions of the sanctuary.

Trick For Coming To Rome Again 

    The fountain of love is the most crowded tourist attraction in the city. According to a tale, if you toss as coin over the right shoulder into the fountain before you leave Rome, your wish comes true... But if you toss the coin over the left shoulder, this will bring you to Rome once again.

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