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Çorum The Center of Civilization

Çorum The Center of Civilization

Çorum Gezilecek Yerler Yazımızın Türkçesi için BURAYA Tıklayın

    Çorum is the secret route of travelers. The city became renowned worldwide after it was marked as the center of the Earth in Google Maps last month.
    Having been a settlement for 5 thousand years, Çorum has a district called Boğazkale, which is Hattusa, the capital city of the Hittite Empire. Koyunbaba Bridge, the Castle and Velipaşa Mansion are the must see places in the city center.

     For Those Who Love Nature

Kargı Highlands is one of the unique natural beauties in Çorum. Vegetation of the highlands local houses and water springs are ideal for spending time in the nature. Walls on both sides of İncesu Canyon located in İncesu Village of Ortaköy date back to the Hellenistic Period.

     Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas, which Çorum had registered, traditionally had 3 kinds; white, yellow and double roasted. However, colofur roasted chickpeas that had the attention of tourists in time also took their place on shelves.

     Minarets And Time

Ulu Mosque, which is one of the historical structures in Çorum, is one of the destinations for tourists visiting the city. If you can catch the right frame, you can fit the minarets of Ulu Mosque with the clock tower within the same photo.

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